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The Best Cannabis Strain For Creativity

Mondays suck less when you get to work high from home. But as citrus scented vape clouds filled my workspace, I felt less like Garfield and more like myself. The truth is, the right weed will replace your morning and afternoon espresso. With a glance at the clock, I had 30 minutes before the next Zoom call. Enough time to grind another XJ-13 nug.
Being high before noon has its perks. It’s no secret the Covid-19 pandemic has marooned everyone indoors. In fact, office employees are enjoying an unprecedented amount of freedom in how they work. Among these newfound freedoms is smoking weed to help get through the workday, from home.
For the last year, I’ve smoked everyday and worked. Perhaps the biggest challenge was finding the best strains to be creative while trying to stay on task for work.

XJ-13 = Uplifting Productive Energy

My go-to — XJ-13 is a sativa dominant hybrid I found at a dispensary in Long Beach. It immediately fills me with a burst of energy and an eagerness to get things done. I felt so productive that I was even able to put off my morning doom scrolling. Getting high before work or class is great. I’m also not trying to get caught. And since the pandemic, I had more opportunities to be discreet. I’m no longer under constant watch by nosey managers or security. And I won’t be unless I forget to mute myself and disable the webcam.

Grape Marmalade = Creativity

Grape Marmalade is often used to treat stress and provide pain relief. Puffing this strain before my late lunch made me feel like making something in my kitchen rather than ordering from UberEats. I was in the mood for breakfast so I dug up random food from my fridge and ended up with sunny side up eggs, potatoes and tempeh.

Jack Herer = Runner’s High

Cardio is hard but Jack Herer makes it easier. On a groggy morning, when I’m not able to focus on my tasks, I decided I needed to get out of the house and give myself a break. Lacing up for a jog, I vaped Jack Herer. Running, I sorted my thoughts. The sativa jolt got me out of the midday slump and quickly boosted my energy and mood.

A Paradigm Shift

I don’t see myself wanting to physically show up to an office five times a week not being able to get high at my desk. The Covid-19 silver lining — employers being forced to accommodate the needs of its workers and 30,000 Americans polled between March 2020 and March 2021 agree. For me this means, I can continue to enjoy my newfound lifestyle and manage to stay productive and on task, high at home.

Work From Home Forever?

I fall into the 30 percent category of workers that prefer to work full time from home, mainly for weed. And my cats. And no commute means I get more time to get high. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, “Nearly two-thirds of respondents and nearly 80 percent of those able to work from home want to do so at least one day per week. About 30 percent want to work from home all week” (Barrero, 2021).

Numbers Don’t Lie

Research also indicated that before COVID-19, remote work was generally viewed negatively but now this massive-scale-work-from-home experiment proved that many jobs can at least be done partially from home which results in less stigma attached to remote workers. Less cars on the road also saves everyone time and money.
Not Everyone Agrees
Friends and family that worked in an office setting had varied responses to suddenly being forced to work from home. With a job in sales, my mom says that she needs face-to-face interaction at the office because it’s the best way to interact with her clients. She tried working from home for a couple of weeks but it didn’t work for her. Being reliant only on apps for communication just aren’t as good for generating sales. A friend that works at a civil engineering firm has a similar preference as his work requires specific equipment and software that is only available at the office but he would love to work from home one day per week. He’s also a frequent smoker but can’t see himself being high on the job even at home since he only likes couchlock highs.
Remote Schooling
I get distracted in average sized classrooms which impacts my attention span and participation. My experience with working high from home came from my last year of college. I absolutely loved it. I didn’t live on campus so my commute was around 45 minutes one way and I had class four times a week; we all know social freeways eat up so much time and energy. Professors usually stay at the front of the room and the desks closest to that space are never available.
More Freedom
On Zoom, it was totally different. The professor filled my computer screen and looked directly at me and I was able to hear them clearly and take in every word. My participation levels went to their all-time high. My note-taking improved and this reflected in essays and tests. I was able to manipulate my environment at home to suit my learning needs instead of having to configure myself to the structure of a physical classroom.

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