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Frequently Asked Questions For Using Cannabis Legally In California

Sparking up in California is a bucket list adventure for weed smokers around the world. There’s something magical about buying cannabis legally in California, particularly Los Angeles.
But because weed is still not legal federally and frowned upon in other parts of the world, traveling to LA to buy and smoke weed can still be a tad intimidating. So what is the Cali bud law? How do you use cannabis legally in California? What can you do? … not do?
Let’s start from the beginning. Buying weed in California is open for all — recreationally, 21 and older, but medicinally for anyone 18 and older with a medical card. However, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.
For starters, medicinal patients in California will be served at dispensaries only if they have a local address. Meanwhile, recreational retailers are open to the public, but only 21 and older. And while smoking a blunt in the Hollywood Hills, overseeing the city sounds romantic, there are other things to keep in mind.

Some Must-Do Things To Remember For Californians And Tourists:

Can I buy cannabis in California if I don’t have a California Identification/Driver’s License?

Yes. You can purchase cannabis in California with a valid identification card or driver’s license from another state. However, there are some things you have to keep in mind if you’re not a U.S. citizen. The thing is, in the U.S. cannabis is legal in some states but it remains illegal under U.S. federal laws. Tourists must consider other aspects like legal dispensaries, payment methods and other laws related to weed usage.

Can I get weed delivered to my hotel room?

Yes, but the cannabis dispensary needs a retail license or a specific delivery license to deliver the cannabis. For the best experience, stoners should choose a proper time to order the delivery because according to California regulations set by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, BCC, retailers may only sell and deliver cannabis goods between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Be aware that local jurisdictions may establish additional restrictions on operating hours.

How much weed can I order and get delivered in a day?

It depends on different categories of cannabis. The legal maximum is 28.5 grams for non-concentrated products and eight grams for cannabis concentrate. With immature cannabis plants, a licensed retailer must not sell more than six.

How old do I have to be to buy cannabis in California?

As we mentioned before, buyers must be 21 or older and go to licensed dispensaries with legal IDs/Driver Licenses. If they are 18 or older, they must have a valid physician’s recommendation after confirming the customer’s age, identity and the requirement for the physician’s recommendation

Do I have to go have a medical card to buy cannabis in California?

No. Cannabis is also recreationally legal. So you can pop up at a local dispensary or order online to make your purchases. You must be 21 or older to buy. No exceptions.

Can I buy cannabis with my credit/debit card?

It depends on different dispensaries and delivery service providers. Buyers need to ask the dispensary or delivery service what payment options are available. The reason for the payment complications is that weed is illegal at the federal level and some banks might not accept cannabis purchasing. As an example, if you go to or they allow you to use your credit card to buy cannabis. If all else fails, just keep cash handy. Cash for the win, everytime.

Can I die from an overdose on weed?

If people buy cannabis in a licensed dispensary, the answer will be “no.” There is no reported death by cannabis overdose. This is a question that should be asked to a primary healthcare physician.

Where can I smoke weed in California without getting in trouble with the law?

Smoking weed in federal lands and other places open to the public is illegal. Users must not smoke on property that has a ban on weed.

Can I smoke as a passenger in someone’s car?

The answer is no we don’t recommend this. Not in any vehicle.

Can I travel with the cannabis I bought in California to another legal state?

No, you cannot transport cannabis across state lines, even to places like Nevada, where recreational marijuana is legal. It’s also illegal to transport marijuana into Mexico and Canada. It is important to know that using and carrying weed in federal places is illegal and carrying pot in a plane is also illegal because marijuana is illegal under federal law, and federal law governs airplane travel in this country.

Is it legal to have recreational marijuana in my vehicle while in California?

Yes. But remember the container must remain sealed. You should keep the weed in your trunk driving home or to your hotel.


Make sure that when buying cannabis in Los Angeles, you’re purchasing from a credible delivery service or dispensary. Avoid underground cannabis markets or buying off the street. When in doubt, ask. Still have more questions? Email us

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